Nothing else

From the moment I found you baby, nothing else mattered anymore.



All I’ve got to say right now is that life s fucken good _MG_8478.jpg

Broken hair ties

    I have a story to tell. If you choose to read it, for your sake I really hope you can’t relate at all or even understand what it is I’m talking about. But if you’re one of those few that can relate, I am so sorry. Im sorry for your mind filling with painful memories as you follow my every word. I’m sorry he wasn’t who you thought he was. I’m sorry for all the tears you shed over something that never even had the chance to be anything. I’m sorry for all those thread bare hair ties one tug from breaking.

       Just one old hair tie. Doesn’t seem like an object of any significance really. I’m sure you see them all over the place, in gutters, carparks, side streets, in fact theres probably one indenting its temporary scar into your wrist right now. Well I also used to think that one old hair tie on the verge of snapping held no significance to anything too. Right up until the day it suddenly held so much meaning I cried myself to sleep over it. Okay so no obviously the hair tie itself wasn’t the reason I cried. It was just a symbol. A symbol of the stupid decision I made one day.

       Don’t kiss strange boys in cars parked in parking-lots beside duck ponds. Don’t get in strange boys cars and let them drive you to undefined locations to do unspecified activities. And please I beg of you listen to your mothers warning of “don’t talk to strangers”, because she doesn’t mean strangers as in that old lady asking you for help to find the dishwashing soap in the convenience store. She means all the boys that will pretend to be gorgeous and genuine towards you until they have the opportunity to get into your pants. Because think about it girl, what is going to hurt you more? Helping an old lady get her dishes washed in lavender smelling bubbles or letting a strange boy get into your pants to only find out a few days later that he didn’t actually want anything else. (Not saying he got into my pants cause he didn’t but its obvious he would of jumped at the opportunity) Because I can tell you from experience that I would have preferred the lavender bubbles. Man I would of even washed the old lady’s dishes for her if it meant I still had that hair tie around my wrist.

          So you’re probably all thinking wtf is this chick actually talking about, yeah well same here. Okay well It all started one morning when this boy messaged me on Facebook, I thought nothing of it really. I get random boys messaging me all the time. But I stalked him a little anyway and decided he was way hot and that was enough for me so I replied to him with a quick “hey”. Next thing I know its after school that same day and I’m hopping in his “red subi” as he called it, much to the denial of my best friends much more worried about my safety then even I was. We drove off leaving my friends and apparently all my brain cells (all the logical ones at least) in the distance. We drove on ending up in the next town walking over to a duck pond arguing about whether the two white ones were “gooses” or ducks. A couple more debates about various birds later we ended up back in his car just sitting talking. Talking quickly escalated to play fighting and then before I knew what was happening we were kissing. I found myself sitting in a car kissing a boy I had known for 9 hours prior. Sounds like some ridiculous teenage romance novel if you ask me. In amongst all the play fighting he stole my almost broken hair tie and put it outside in the parking space, which we later drove away from leaving this sad little hair tie to fend for itself. Lucky for me I had my one sole remaining hair tie left on my wrist when I was eventually dropped home safe and sound.

    If you only had two hair ties to begin with then losing one is a pretty significant loss.

       This day ended like you would expect it to continue on the same for the next days and and weeks to come. Cause for a moment sitting in that car I thought this could actually be something. But no. Of course I was wrong. Not one message did I get from this boy the next day. I then concluded with tears streaming down my face that I wasn’t to be seeing him again. He had lied and played me and I was such an idiot for letting him. I mean who goes around kissing boys they’ve known for less then 12 hours anyway? Not anyone with the intent of a happy ending thats for sure.

      So maybe next time you see some lost old almost broken hair tie in some strange place you’ll stop and think “huh now maybe that hair tie used to belong to some silly girl that made a dumb decision to kiss a strange boy in a parking lot” I mean yes its pretty unlikely that all random old hair ties you find in the gutters will have a story like this attached to them but you never know.

    Cause today I’m one hair tie closer to breaking.